Bath & Beauty tips from your Baby

That’s right – turning to your baby’s bathing and skin/hair care rituals is something we should all be doing! Now we’re not saying the covered-in-drool-and-lunch appearance is quite the beauty look we are going for – but following just some of what you do for their skin on yours, is a great place to start with your beauty regime.


Must-Do Massages

Baby massages are very popular – and for good reason! Keeping skin soft and supple with nourishing moisturisers, particularly after bathing helps lock in moisture within the skin. It helps fight against dryness and the massage moves themselves help improve circulation within your baby’s skin as well as help their muscles develop.

The same benefits are true for adults – massages can be great not only for post-gym muscle ache or easing muscle tension, but the physical act of nourishing skin with oils and lotions helps moisturise skin and increase blood flow to the skin for a more youthful and plump appearance.


Fresh Water Emollients

Baby products for their bath time are often emollient or oil based and formulated to be used in babys’ bath water itself. Well, doing the same for our adult skin is a no-brainer! Emollients in a soaking bath or in shower-based formula help cleanse skin without stripping away essential oils in the skins surface – which so many shower and soap products often do.

Oil-based formulas help lock in moisture from water and steam in the bath and create a protective barrier in the skins surface to help prevent moisture from the skins superficial layers drying away.


Hair Oils

Baby’s scalps can get awfully dry and flaky and as such we massage their little heads with lovely baby oils. So lets do the same for our scalps! Massaging oil into the scalp and lengths not only adds plenty of nourishment to hair but also helps prevent more severe conditions like dandruff and flakiness.

Natural oils like almond or coconut are great for hair and rubbing them even just once a month then washing off a couple hours later can help moisturise the scalp and add shine and smoothness to hair.


Au Natural

We would never use alcohol or perfumed based formulas for our little ones – so why use it on our skin? So often beauty and body products are infused with alcohols and perfumes which can be very harsh on the skin. From stripping away the skin’s natural oils to layering the skin with unnecessary chemicals, it’s always best to avoid this happening by opting for naturally formulated or organic products. This is particularly true if you suffer from a lot of allergies or have sensitive skin.

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