Beat winter hair blues now!

Its easy to feel blue this time of year but don’t let the dark winter days take their toll on your hair! Achieving beautiful, healthy and manageable hair all year around is much easier than you think with our top tips below!


  1. Invest in a smoothing service


Ever wondered if a Brazilian blow-dry is for you? At Pink & Rose Hairdressers, Pinner we offer the nanokeratin smoothing treatment which helps restore damaged, rough and lacklustre back to health. The smoothing treatments infuses lost keratin back into hair to strengthen lengths and eliminate frizz for smoother, sleeker more manageable hair to see you into spring!


  1. Wrap it up


When out in the cold, dry winds, think about wrapping hair in a scarf or wearing a hat to prevent the cold air drying out locks and the windy days causing tangled lengths. This is especially great for long or curly hair that can become hard to manage when out and about in this weather!


  1. Protect and soften


Using serums at the end of a blow-dry can seal in moisture and smoothen cuticles for softer, smoother hair with added protection to strands. Hair oils are also a great option to massage into hair the night before washing to nourish dry lengths and scalps prone to dandruff. Simply wash off in the morning with a double cleanse, condition as normal and enjoy softer, shinier hair!


Nanokeratin at Pink & Rose Hairdresser, Pinner

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