Autumn Skin Care

As the winds get stronger and the temperatures get lower, our skin can seriously suffer. Staying on top of your skincare routine is a must – but so is adapting it for the environmental stressors autumn brings with it! Here are some quick top tips to help you along!

  1. Use anti-oxidant protections

Opt for skincare products with anti-oxidant protection for plenty of defesnse agaist the suns harful UV rays as well as damage to skin cells from the environments harsh pollutants. Anti-oxidant care can also help prevent damage caused by ageing to the skin for a more youthful, healthy appearance to skin.

  1. Give your Skin a boost

Skin Boosters are a great way to improve hydration as well as a youthful plumpness to skin. Administered by our Medical Aesthetician Dr Neha Shah, skin boosters use hyaluronic acid to restore moisture within the skin and plump out any fine lines or wrinkles within the face. The cold winds of autumn can strip away moisture and natural oils within the skin for a dehydrated, dry and aged appearance to skin. Reverse these signs with skin boosters today!

  1. Opt for a face masque

Like hair masques, your skin can sometimes need an extra bit of care alongside your regular routine too. Face masques are a great way to provide a quick pick-me-up and burst of freshness. Opting for a face masque after a gentle exfoliation can help skin look and feel better instantly and is great once a month when facing the cold, windy and wet weathers of autumn!

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