Autumn Hair Care

The summer is drawing to an end and with it the dry winds, wet weather and lower temperatures can be problematic for maintaining healthy, styled hair. We have rounded up a few tips to help you manage your hair for healthy, luxe locks!

  1. Keep a brush at the ready

Keeping a hairbrush handy will help tame hair and detangle on the go when the winds of autumn hit! dTangled hair can get damaged and cause breakages of not handled with care and easing away tangles as soon as they come about helps prevent breakages and keep hair manageable – particularly if your hair is long!

  1. Get a regular trim

Visits to the salon are a failsafe way to keep split ends in check and maintain a healthy length with plenty of style! At Pink & Rose we cater customize your hair products to your hair type as well as the condition of your hair based on the time of year etc. This helps deliver the optimum results for your hair based on your needs. Regularly trimming ends also helps prevents split ends and further damage to hair leading more neing chopped off than you want!

  1. Consider a deep condition

Using a regular conditioner with your shampoo is a great way to maintain healthy hair but every so often a deeper condition can help give hair that added boost of protection against environmental stressors, pollution and weather damage. Pink & Rose’s exclusive Deep Conditioning Ritual is the perfect way to relax in-salon with a steam treatment and head massage, nourishing masque and rough dry for healthier hair in an instant!

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