At Home Pamper Tips

With the days getting lighter and brighter use your evenings to make the most of your day! Pink & Rose Hair Salon, Pinner has some quick tips to pamper yourself at home to look and feel fabulous!


  1. Mask and Masque


Use a face mask and hair masque for a quick pick me up! Homemade options are always easy – whether that’s a mashed papaya and honey face mask to exfoliate and hydrate skin or a simple mashed avocado and coconut oil hair masque. Indulge in a little you time while leaving these on for 15-20 minutes before hopping in the shower


  1. A Simple Soak


Its easy to forget how long we spend on our feet all day everyday. Why not give them a break buy soaking them in a large bowl of hot water. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil for added relation and sit back with a good book while your feet soak for 15-20 minutes. Pop on a moisturiser to feet after as the heat from the soak will help skin on the feet uptake all that nourishing goodness


  1. Cucumber Pads


It’s a quick fix we all know well – cucumber rounds on the eyes! But why not make it more indulgent for better results. Mash up a little cold cucumber and soak two cotton pads in the juice. Place these on the eyes with the pulp on top of the cotton pads. Lie back and relax while the cooling properties of these soothe tired eyes and brightening properties of cucumber juice helps the appearance of dark circles. The juices in the cotton pads will last longer so you really can just have a long snooze while these are on!

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