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5 Tips for Better Nails

Condition Nightly

Massaging a nourishing oils into hands and nails each night before bed restores and locks in moisture that has been stripped away during the day. Spending just 2 minutes nightly on this can leave hands looking younger and feeling softer within just a few days

Boost your Omega 3s

Fish oil tablets contain high levels of omega 3s and biotin to help strengthen nails and prevent chipping and breakages. It’s a great way to condition nails from the inside out and only requires popping a pill daily – easy!

Short & Sweet

If youre prone to having or keeping shorter nails, try a gentle rounded shape to give the illusion of a longer more elegant appearance. It’s a quick and easy way to instantly elongate nails for a feminine finish

Keep it Regular

There’s plenty you can do at home to care for your nails. But nothing beats the expertise of a salon manicure regularly. It’s a long term investment into keeping hand cared for and looking more youthful for a long time to come

Choose Well

Picking the right shade of nail varnish for your skin tone is essential. One easy rule to stick to is pairing fair with fair and dark with dark. Paler colours can often drain more tanned skin tones but look particularly elegant and natural on fair skin. While deeply dark shades can look super sophisticated against olive skin but may look gothic on ultra-pale skin.

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