3 ways with Straight Hair

It’s not boring. It’s not plain and it’s not style-less. Straight hair can be beautifully simple and ultra-modern. But it’s important to get your straight hair looking its healthiest to ensure it does keep its classic elegance stylish.


Cleanse Correctly

Investing in a shampoo and conditioner that are right for your hair to ensure your straight lengths don’t look limp and lifeless is key. Pick a shampoo that will nourish lengths and prevent dryness and static – with your conditioner, go for a lightweight conditioner to avoid heavy build up that weighs hair down and flattens it. If you suffer from tangles in your long hair, then why not try a spray on detangling conditioner that you can use with a comb to gently tease away knots.


Powerful Protection

Heat Protecting products are a must when it comes to straight hair because in order to achieve that poker straight sleek look, hair straighteners are a must! Spritz on a heat protecting spray through lengths before blow-drying or straightening and always finish with a serum to lock in moisture, keep your straight hair results lasting longer and to tame any flyaway strands that could leave hair looking static.


Centre Focus

Centre partings go beautifully well with straight hair. It creates a neat finish that looks ultra-modern. Use a fine tail comb to help separate strands into a clean cut centre parting that will frame the face sharply. This look can even help enhance facial features with its symmetry for a more defined look.

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