3 Tips to Transform Feet

We are on our feet all day – from walking to standing and running to exercising – our feet work hard! Caring for them is essential but doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult to do so. Follow our three super simple and easy steps below to keep feet fresh as a daisy!


Moisturise Nightly

A simple step that us easy and quick – moisturise feet each night before bed so the nourishment of your foot cream can soak in while you sleep. Skin cells repair, heal, and grow overnight so we want to give them a helping hand!


Pamper Often

At home care is all important but so is professional care! See your beauty therapist often for a proper pedicure! pedicures involve a file and shape of the nails, cleaning and trimming the cuticles, filing away dead skin on the soles and exfoliating feet followed by an indulgent foot massage and nail paint to finish. Caring for your feet regularly can help prevent long term ailments to feet and are a great way to help leave the whole body feeling rejuvenated.


Scrub Up

Foot scrubs are an excellent way to remove dead skin on the feet and around cuticles of the toenails too. The motion will help improve blood circulation to the feet – excellent if you are prone to feet getting cold – helping rejuvenate skin and tired soles.

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