2018 Hair Care Tips

New years are all about making resolutions! So add hair care resolutions to your list for 2018 and help your hair get healthier for the year ahead!


  1. Find your routine


Finding the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products can be tough. Pop in to Pink & Rose for a complimentary hair care session with our stylists. They will advise you on the right products for your hair and how best to use them. Stick with these in routine and your hair will thank you for it!


  1. Mix up a mask


Hair masks can be a bit of a timely faff for most. But taking the time out once a month if no more to pop a conditioning masque on your hair can make a huge difference to its health, look and feel. For best results, apply after shampooing and towel wrap hair for at least 30 mins before rinsing – for pure indulgence, why not help yourself to some me time in that half hour over a glass of bubbly or a good magazine!


  1. Turn down the heat


Heat styling can, if not done with the right heat protection products, can damage hair over time. Avoid using curling tongs and straighteners where possible and if youre just going to be chilling out at home for the weekend – why not let hair air dry instead of using a hair dryer. This can help prevent dry, damaged hair with split ends over time.

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