Balayage at Pink & Rose Pinner, Harrow.

What is Balayage?

Balayage, a French word meaning to ‘paint’ or ‘sweep’ is all about creating a subtle, natural looking wave of light running though the hair that allows it to go from dark roots to light tips very subtly.

How is it created?

Balayage is a freehand technique with a mixture of professional texhniques combined to create a natural, beautifully blended result.


How is it different to highlights?

Aside from being more subtle and natural looking, our balayage services at Pink & Rose are totally bespoke to each client! You tell us exactly what you want and we create just for you! So it can be as light, subtle and natural as you want!


Can you do it on all hair?

Our colour experts at Pink & Rose Pinner specialise in Balayage and have created a range of bespoke looks for clients based on exactly what they want! Although it works best on longer hair, balayage can be done on shorter shoulder length hair too! Whether you are a blonde or brunette we cater to your hair to help light up your complexion and facial features! It can even be done with pastel coloured hair.


Does it require a lot of maintenance?

Because the lighter ends are created very gradually through lengths, you will not get a drastic or harsh regrowth line. Balayage can be ‘topped up’ when wanted and toners can be applied through lengths regularly to keep the lighter lengths luscious!


Balayage is available at Pink & Rose, Pinner, Harrow from £70.

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