In the Salon With: Kiran Singh

Speaking to the Pink & Rose team this week is Lifestyle Coach and Award-Winning Entrepreneur Kiran Singh. With an array of talent turned into business, Kiran’s love of design, appetite for great food and expertise on all things women and parenting has seen her master everything from her very own blog to running local support groups too. An honour to have her in the salon, Kiran has plenty to share with us below – including her very own mantra for living life to its best!


Tell us a little bit about you

I am a Single Mum (by choice) and a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur. I am a Life Coach at Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire, an Author and Residential & Hospitality Interior Designer at STUDIO KIRAN SINGH, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vivacious MumMy Unique Home and Passion for Food.

I also run a local support group for single parents through Gingerbread and am an Expert at The Women’s Room and HerSay Expert.


Tell us a little bit about Vivacious Mum

“Vivacious Mum is ALL about YOU. It’s about encouraging women to honour their inner strength and celebrate their unique, personal path through life.”

My vision is that my message will remind you daily to be grateful for what you have but be mindful of what you can become. Life’s challenges come in all sizes, shapes and colours; so it’s important to remember that you already possess the inner strength to deal with any situation.

I believe that wellness both, inside and out, is the key to launching and achieving success. Vivacious Mum will keep your dreams within reach and help you achieve a healthy and clean mind and body by exposing you to as many tools and as much as information possible.


What do you love most about Pinner

I absolutely adore the whole cute village feel to it. The small individual shops, Pinner Park and even Harris + Hoole which I dearly miss.


Your top Beauty Tip:

I am a lover of French Beauty which is all about having a natural look, so my top tip is to enhance what you have instead of covering up and try to look like someone else.


Your cant-live-without-beauty-product:

That must be my blusher! Even if I am not wearing any other make-up, I will always put on some blusher for that healthy glow


Three things we would always find in your handbag

My Samsung Note 3, my LYDC wallet in hot pink and my keys with an Eiffel tower key ring


Favourite day of the week and why:

I love all days of the week as I do things daily that makes me happy. If I fancy watching a movie, I won’t wait for the weekend, I will just put it on and watch it. It’s crucial to live our life to the fullest daily and not wait for the future or that one day when everything will be perfect.


As a lifestyle coach, what would say is your mantra to a happy and healthy lifestyle?

Live in the now, that’s all you’ve got; so make yourself a priority in your life! I also truly believe that: ‘Wherever life takes you, trust your journey & create wealth in every aspect of your life’.


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