How Dermal fillers can transform your skin

We all have doubts about cosmetic treatments, whether they work, or if they would be worth the money?  Well at Pink & Rose, we can provide a cosmetic service where the results are made possible by the high-quality product itself.


Dermal Fillers
The new generation of Dermal fillers are as close to natural results as you can get!  We all have hyaluronic acid already present within our skin – it is a naturally occurring hydrating substance.  Dermal fillers are simply colourless hyaluronic gels that are injected into facial tissues to smooth wrinkles and folds in the skin, replenishing our natural hyaluronic acid we have lost from the ageing process.


Skin Boosters

Dermal fillers can be used to plump away fine lines and restore volume in the face, but more recently they have also been used to hydrate the skin – these dermal fillers are known as “Skin boosters”.  A skin booster treatment usually involves micro injections of hyaluronic acid across the treatment area, improving the overall skin texture, elasticity and the appearance of fine wrinkles.


At Pink & Rose we provide a complete and holistic approach to all our services. The Skin Booster treatments are administered by our Cosmetic Aesthetician, Dr Neha Shah, and are carried out 3 times, at 3 week intervals. We also complete your program with a review at 6 months.

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